Zsolt Szabó

Zsolt Szabó

Formáld a Bánatot Haraggá, a Haragot pedig Erővé és Kitartássá, hiszen ezek segítenek majd legyőzni azt, ami bánatossá tesz. Turn Sorrow into Rage, then Rage i
Zsolt Szabó
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There are various parts in the Samurai Armor. Samurai armor are meant to be light and strong. Unlike the European Knight, they have heavier and stronger armor than the Samurai. But the Samurai is.

Morgan 3-wheeler

On my bucket list. I've seen Morgan Three Wheelers, but have never ridden in one. Truthfully, I would prefer to drive it, but being a passenger would be fun also.

Origami Dragon Patterns and Projects Galore

This awesome video tutorial will teach you how to make your own red origami dragon. This is step by step video guide and you can be sure that every tiny detail of the origami dragon process is explained. Origami is traditional…

Morgan 3 Wheeler

OK, so it's not technically a car. But after exposure to the Morgan 3 Wheeler, any car fan will fall in love. Read on to learn more on the 2013 Morgan 3 Wheeler in this first drive article brought to you by the automotive experts at Motor Trend.