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Balaton is a freshwater lake in Hungary, the largest in Central Europe. The mountainous region of the northern shore is known both for its historic character and as a major wine region while the flat southern shore is known for its resort towns. Whether its peace and quiet you're after or a calendar full of things to see and do,smooth waters and fresh wines, fishing and sailing, concerts and clubs, beaches and biking, elegant castles and sleepy villages, beautiful land and clear air, has it all.
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Lake Balaton, Hungary

Come with us on a private sail boat on the Lake Balaton!

Lake Balaton in HungaryOne of Hungary’s premiere summer vacation spots. It’s surrounded by bike trails, nature reserves, a wine region with roots in Ancient Rome, spa hotels, and even a burgeoning electronic music scene.

Lake Balaton (Balatonfüred)

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This is how we left Hungary. first Alitalia took us over the heart of Bp seeing all the major buildings and bridges and then right over the Balaton. Beautiful, but sad departure.

Lake Balaton in winter #Hungary

Lake Balaton in winter - Hungary | Badacsony | View from Badacsony, overlooking the Balaton.

View from Badacsony, overlooking the Balaton Hungary

Badacsony basalt mountain, on the shores of Lake Balaton, Hungary.

Can't wait for our trip in the summer!

Balaton lake

Balaton lake

Tihany. Hungary

Lavender fields at Bridestowe Estate Lavender Farm, Tasmania.

Enjoy life......Badacsony

Stellenbosch vineyard, South Africa, not very much alcohol is used in the South African culture but with the large amount of grape fields, wine is present at all ceremonies and celebrations


my frozen lake, birdview by

Balaton-felvidék Nemzet Park

Balaton-felvidék Nemzet Park

Badacsony - Hungary

Wine and Wineyards, Germany

Balaton ősszel

from - The beautiful view of lake Balaton.

Szeretlek Balaton Oldal

Szeretlek Balaton Oldal

Magányos cseresznyefa a repce mezőn, háttérben a  Szigligeti vár

Magányos cseresznyefa a repce mezőn, háttérben a Szigligeti vár