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I can't live without it Dady, Facebook is my lover, l  want to live in social network

INTERNET USE DISORDER (IUD): People who overuse the internet and will experience withdrawal symptoms when they can't access the internet for some time. They will also lose interest in all other things beyond the internet.


translation from Arabic : daddy, remove your hand i'm JUST gonna put ma finger in your eye !

so sweet

I LOVE the simplicity of this mother-son shot! White walls make natural light even better. I'd want more of the mothers body.

Projeto de fotógrafa ajuda mulheres a aceitarem as marcas da gravidez

'A Beautiful Body' Book Project: Jade Beall, Photographer, Celebrates Mothers' Real Bodies (PHOTOS)

Cute stuff

Cutest Valentine's baby picture idea EVER! ( Could do for G with just a head shot for Valentine's Cards). i neeeeed a baby to do this with!


oh, how this picture touches my heart.how I remember my two little ones taking this same precious pose when I would trickle warm water on them at bath time.then they would laugh their sweet baby laugh. Memories, warm, lovely, and beautiful!

I love Dady..

Funny pictures about A kiss from daddy. Oh, and cool pics about A kiss from daddy. Also, A kiss from daddy.