Cobra 11 -Semir & Alex

A Cobra 11 német televíziós sorozat. A kölni autópálya-rendőrség egyik őrsének munkáját mutatja be. Semir Gerkhan és Alex Brandt (korábban Ben Jäger, Frank…
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two men embracing each other outside in the day time, one is wearing a black leather jacket
two men standing next to each other in the woods with trees behind them and one man looking at the camera
two men sitting next to each other in front of a police car
a young man talking on a cell phone next to a woman
Erotik statt Zeitkritik - Liebe ist nur ein Wort - Bilder - TV SPIELFILM
a close up of a person wearing a black jacket and white shirt with blue eyes
vinzenz kiefer on Tumblr
a man with a scarf around his neck looking at the camera while wearing a denim jacket
two men and a woman walking down the street with helmets on their heads, one man is holding a helmet in his other hand
Kobra 11
a man in a leather jacket posing for a photo
Alarm für Cobra 11 – Die Autobahnpolizei - Alex Brandt
three men sitting on top of a roof looking at something
Cora 11
two men standing next to each other with microphones in front of them and one man wearing a hat
Alex és Semir
two men walking in front of a fire with the words alarm for cobrarat on it
Cobra 11
the collage shows men in leather jackets talking to each other and one man wearing a fireman's jacket
Cobra 11
two men and a woman standing together in front of stairs, one holding his arm around the other's shoulder