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Wut up

This picture of a smiling sloth hanging out in a tree sure has to be a contender for the best selfie ever. A lucky tourist spotted a sloth chilling out up a tree and decided to use his selfie stick to get a picture with it. See also: Adorable sloth

Gymnastics Moves : How to Do a Backflip

Strong ankles are necessary for doing a backflip, and the toes must be pulled down with flexed feet so that the body can land on the feet. Do a backflip in g.

How to do a Back Limber - YouTube

↓OPEN FOR MORE Megan and Ciera teach you how to do a back limber! Make sure to like this video if you enjoyed it, and comment video ideas that are cheer.

How to teach back walkovers from the beginning - YouTube

Today I gave tips and drills for the back walkover skill in gymnastics! It is used on floor and beam for connections and single skills :) This is a.