Panic! At The Disco 🎶

Panic! At The Disco 🎶

Panic! At The Disco 🎶
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Punk Rock, Sea Monsters, Brendon Urie

Josh Dun, Tyler Joseph, Twenty One Pilots |-/

joshuadun: "got another chance to meet up with my all time favorite photographer for another photo shoot (sooooo much photography skill) to team up with one of the sickest editors in the world ( to create yet another photo masterpiece.

Brendon Urie

I was jamming out onstage, even though it was just sound check, but in my opinion, sound check was the best. I danced around and pranced about the stage, acting crazy like I normally do. I then lied down finishing up the song and I heard someone clap.

This is the greatest thing I've ever seen

Tyler & Josh as a penguin and kiwi - what the heck 😂

favourite band ever - panic-at-the-disco Photo

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Went to see Brendon yesterday !❤️

Went to see Brendon yesterday !

How do people meet celebrities in the most random of places? It's not fair!