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John Cage

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John Cage recogiendo setas. Los pájaros, el arte y la vida de Kyo Maclear

captainentropy: “ This is a picture of John Cage looking for mushrooms. My dad was good friends with him. It’s signed in the bottom left-hand corner “For Whitney Jones, as ever, John Cage” ” Happy.

Alexander Scriabin and Tatiana Schëzler on the banks of Oka

Alexander Scriabin with Tatiana Fyodorovna Schlözer.

Police officers and their pitbulls This is when people knew that pits weren't viscous man eaters, but one of the most loyal dogs you could ever own. I will own one for the rest of my life!

becausebirds: “vintageeveryday: “ A Victorian woman riding her ostrich. ” ostriches > horses ” Also, SIDESADDLE. That’s hard enough as it is on a fucking horse.