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Tündi Unger
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simply-divine-creation:  Danielle Burkleo

sometimes being a big sister is even better than being a princess.

One of the biggest trends in kitchen designs is open shelving. Many of my favorite inspirational kitchens incorporate them in some way. I'm a big fan. Sometimes they can seem a little scary or unpractical, but I believe open shelving adds a unique element to kitchens while still being functional. For today's Q+A, I want to take a closer look at open shelving as a beautiful and affordable way to update your kitchen.

Natural wood cabinets with a killer tile backsplash. Shelves and stove.

✧wanт тo ĸnow wнaт i вelieve? iт'ѕ rigнт нere, dig a liттle deeper and iт'ѕ cryѕтal clear✧

Beautiful Amethyst Spirit Quartz i wanna use these colors in an art peice

Coffee & Grace : Photo

For the future kids.

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sweet sibling photo at home

Migliore amiche, fotografie bambine.  (•◡•) Tante altre idee cool per le mamme sul sito ❤ mammabanana.com ❤

oh my heart! I always wanted a sister. I will keep having kids until I get another girl. Ever girl needs a sister.

I have a little cat, small like that. I do not know why he never eats a mouse or a rat. It is a strange cat that loves nougat and chocolate. But, it is for this reason, says Aunt Solange, that he does not grow up.

Perfect salad

Our No-Fail Formula for Non-Boring salad tips