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Apprentices in a shoe workshop in Budapest. Photography by Janos...

Once a young boy finished dame schooling, he had three options. He could attend a Latin school which had college prep courses, he could be trained in the occupation of his father, or he could work as an apprentice at the tender age of 9. If the boy became an apprentice, he would live with the master craftsman who would teach him all of the certain job requirements. Ultimately, the child would serve as an apprentice for about 7 years and then would be considered "fit" to run his own business.

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Anne Bradstreet | Poetry Foundation

Though she was not allowed an official education, Anne Bradstreet was an educated woman for her time. She was well-instructed in history, languages, and literature. Following her father's passion for reading, Bradstreet developed her own library of over 800 books. As a female, Bradstreet could not participate in public prayer or discussion, therefore it has been said that she turned to writing poetry as a “therapeutic substitute.” Bradstreet’s value of knowledge is evident in many of her…

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ENCYCLOPEDIA: Whole Education for a Whole Life

The term “encyclopedia” was used in the 16th century to mean “course of instruction.” "Encyclopedia" has been coupled with the image of the circle of knowledge. As we can see above, the circle is bound by 4 notions: creation, discovery, imitation, and glory. The circle begins and ends with God who is the center of the "encyclopedia." The Six Arts that correspond to the circle of knowledge are logic, grammar, rhetoric, mathematics, physics, and theology. All were essential to liberal…

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The Founders & Patriots of America

Although Harvard was modeled after Cambridge, it was unique in its curricular structure. The Six Arts that correspond to the circle of knowledge--logic, grammar, rhetoric, mathematics, physics, and theology--were taught to the male student body. Harvard was considered by wealthy fathers to be an ideal school to send their sons. Harvard was newer, therefore it offered fewer temptations and more Godly surroundings than Cambridge or Oxford.

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Schooling, Education, and Literacy in Colonial America

The image above depicts a New England dame school which was usually held within the home of the female teacher. Dame schools focused on the four R's of education: Riting, Reading, Rithmetic, and Religion. Education in the four R's was required for children by the Massachusetts School Law of 1642. Dame schools fulfilled this requirement if parents were unable to educate their children themselves. While both sexes were taught in dame schools, only boys were allowed to further their educations.

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For many Puritan children, their schooling began, and sometimes ended, with religious instruction in the home. As few women were properly educated, the oldest male member of the household usually acted as the schoolmaster. In the image above, this method of patriarchy is portrayed. The husband/father appears to be giving a lecture to his wife and children. We may assume that the lecture deals with the importance of continuing to follow the word of Christ.

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The Founders & Patriots of America

When the Massachusetts General Court passed the School Laws, it was required that every town of one hundred or more families have a grammar school. The grammar schools of the time emphasized Latin, primarily, but also Greek and Hebrew. The schools were formed to equip students for college and, ultimately, for the ministry, the law, and medicine. Female students were not allowed to enroll in grammar schools, as they would not hold positions in any one of the prior-mentioned fields.