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a vase filled with confetti next to an american flag and the olympic rings
Olympic themed centerpiece for Cub Scouts Blue and Gold ceremony. Everything came from the Dollar Tree. Vase is filled with toy Pom poms.
a table topped with lots of boxes and cups filled with food next to a fire
How To Throw An Amazing Olympic Party
How To Throw An Amazing Olympic Party
the finish line dessert table is decorated with flowers and greenery for an olympic theme
Go for the Gold with an Olympics-Themed Kids Party
two olympic tickets sitting on top of a wooden table
Olympic Cousin Camp - Guest Post From Doris
an empty parking lot with colorful lines painted on the ground and white writing that says, pmu
How To Throw An Awesome Olympic Party Your Kids Will Love
a piece of paper cut out to look like a flower on a wooden table top
Jeux Olympiques : création de la flamme olympique - bricolage facile à réaliser — Je suis une maman | Blogue pour les femmes et les familles
a metal basket filled with colorful streamers on top of a floor
DIY Firefighter Birthday Party Preschooler Game Idea
colorful flowers are placed in a pot on the floor next to a fire pit with string lights
How to Make a Large DIY Olympic Torch
the instructions for how to make tissue paper poinsettis and vases with flowers
BirthdayExpress @ Amazon.com:
a woman wearing a t - shirt with the olympic rings on it's chest
Crafts for Kids: How to Make an Olympic Rings T-Shirt
Is your family getting ready to watch the Olympics? Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to make awesome Olympic Rings T-Shirts. Your kids will love making and wearing these crafty shirts!
a young boy sitting at a purple table with olympic rings on it and other items around him
Classroom Olympics! We're learning about Greece along with gods and goddesses. We decided to create T-shirts for the class to wear. They were spit into 5 teams (one for each ring color) on the back we wrote their names in the color of their team. (Fabric markers or sharpies) One the front, we put the Olympic Rings using coozies. Believe it or not, they have another purpose! ENJOY!