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a yellow sign that says scroll saw vs band saw which do you really need?
Scroll Saw vs Band Saw: Which Do You Really Need?
Well, I would hate to tell you that you don't need both a scroll saw and a band saw, but if you had to decide, this comparison will help you! We also include some great recommendations for each, check it out. #tools #home #hometips #DIY
a bathroom with a yellow sign that says, the easier to maintain bathroom floors out there
The Easiest to Maintain Bathroom Floors Out There
Nobody wants mold, mildew, or hard-to-clean bathroom floors. If there's one room in your house that you want durability, it's the #bathroom, and that means floors that can withstand floods, scratch marks, and are easy to clean too. That's why I made this list, so you can choose wisely & have the floors of your dreams! #home #hometips #DIY
a bathroom with the words how to choose bathroom tiles for any sized space on it
How to Choose Bathroom Tiles for Any Sized Space
Small bathroom? Large bathroom? Awkward layouts? I've got you covered when it comes to choosing #bathroom tiles in YOUR space. The answers in this guide might surprise you (do you really want the big tiles?) #DIY #home #hometips
a woman in a bathtub with the words what order should i complete my bathroom renovation?
What Order Should I Complete My Bathroom Renovation In?
Have you thought about giving new notes to your bathroom? If you don't know where to start first and how to plan your budget, check out my full guide and lots of ideas to make it as you have always wanted and right according to plan. #updweller #bathroomrenovation #bathroomremodelonbudget #bathroomremodelsimple #bathroomideasonbudget #bathroomremodelmodern #bathroomdecorideas #bathroompaintcolors
there is a sign that says 5 of the top wood routers you'll love
5 of the Top Wood Routers You'll Love
Here are my top 5 wood router picks, including 1 Makita RT0701CX7 1-1/4HP Compact Router Kit which gives you the best of both worlds and is super affordable too. Enjoy your next #DIY project! Check out the full list here! #home #hometips #tools #woodworking
a pile of paint with the words a simple way to make painting a breeze with the right tools
A Simple Way to Make Painting a Breeze with the Right Tools
Painting can be a breeze when you have the right tools! That's where we have you covered, whether you need to find the right tray (a big one), or the touch-up painting pen, you're going to love our painting tools ideas that will make your next project a breeze! #DIY #paint #painting #home #hometips
there are many tools on the shelf with words above them that read hand tools 101 - how to buy
Hand Tools 101: How to Buy
Around here, we're obsessed with finding the right hand tools for the job and our obsession is your win right here! For all you DIYers out there, who are looking for the best hand tools, go no further. Here's our best tips for the novice (or the collector) on how to buy the best hand tools. #home #hometips #DIY
three surprising benefits of installing attic fans
5 Surprising Benefits of Installing Attic Fans
Installing attic fans can help improve your living space and help with air circulation, but there are other surprising benefits of installing attic fans that you might not have thought of. Check out the 5 surprising benefits of installing attic fans, with tips on which ones to buy. #DIY, #home, #hometips #attic
the makits router and driller are being used to make holes in wood
9 Surprising Things to Look for When Buying a Wood Router
Why I Love the Makita RT0702CX7 Compact Router Kit (And You Will Too)
a yellow sign that says our top dewt table saw picks that might surprise you
Our Top DeWalt Table Saw Picks That Might Surprise You
Around here, we love table saws and DeWalt is a great brand. Check out our top DeWalt table saw picks and see if you agree with our surprising picks! #tools #DIY #home #hometips
a bathtub with the words top accessories for your bathroom what do i need?
Top Accessories for Your Bathroom: What Do I Need?
There are lots of new bathroom accessories on the market that you should try next if you love long and relaxing baths. From soaps to wooden tables, here are some of my favorites that are a must-try, and that is great to gift as well to literally everyone because they are that good... #updweller #bathroomremodelonbudget #bathroomideasonbudget #bathroomideasdiy #bathroomremodeldiy #bathroomdecorideas #bathroomideasmodern #bathroomdesign #bathroominspiration #bathroomideasluxury
there is a sign that says, surprising ways to insulate your atticc
Surprising Ways to Insulate Your Attic
Insulating your attic is one of the most cost-effective ways to invest in your house and save tons of money on heating and cooling, but not all insulation is made the same. In this attic insulation guide, I give you some surprising ways to insulate your #attic space. #hometips #home #DIY
a kitchen area with a table, chairs and a brick wall that says mind - blowing basement kitchen ideas you'll love
Mind-Blowing Basement Kitchen Ideas You'll Love
Having a kitchen in your basement means more entertaining, more fun, so why not? Here are some of my best basement kitchen ideas that will inspire you to get renovating. #kitchen #basement #DIY #home #hometips
a sanding machine with the words should you choose a floor standing or bench top band saw?
Should You Choose a Floor-Standing or Bench Top Band Saw?
Well, ideally you could chose both but if you have to choose and want to get the most bang for your #DIY bucks, then this article is for you! Both have their pros, cons, but we can help you decide which you need MORE to get those projects done and done! #home #hometips #tools #saws
there is a sign that says surprising flooring options for your basement
Surprising Flooring Options for Your Basement
Not everyone wants carpeting in your basement, but what other options are there? In this guide, I give you a few surprising flooring options for your #basement such as tile. Check it out! #basement #flooring #DIY #home #hometips