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Learn how to identify this collection of garden and lawn insects including aphids, ants, spider mites, beetles and grasshoppers. Also, we look at beneficial…
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the best spring blooming flowers for your garden
Bloomin' Beauties Early Spring Flowers to Make Your Garden POP!
Who says you have to wait for warmer weather to enjoy flowers? Explore our list of early blooming plants, complete with tips for healthy growth. Click here to kickstart your spring garden and enjoy blooms sooner!
pink and white flowers with the words cut flower seeds to start indoors
Cut Flower Garden Seeds To Start Indoors This Spring | Indoor Plant Care
Start these cut flower seeds indoors this Spring for longer, bigger blooms in July and August. Your cut flower garden won't be the same if you start your seeds indoors each and every year!
Dandelions are a familiar sight, but widely dismissed as a backyard nuisance. Let’s dive into the benefits of dandelion plant – a nutritional & medicinal powerhouse masquerading as an unassuming edible weed. Plus, the common dandelion is great for your soil & an early spring resource for bees! Friends, Nature, Fitness, Plants, Dandelion, Natural Diy, How To Make Rose, Wellness, Benefit
Common Dandelion Benefits & Dandelion Uses
Dandelions are a familiar sight, but widely dismissed as a backyard nuisance. Let’s dive into the benefits of dandelion plant – a nutritional & medicinal powerhouse masquerading as an unassuming edible weed. Plus, the common dandelion is great for your soil & an early spring resource for bees!
the words, why you need a design for a successful edible landscape are shown in three different pictures
Edible & Medicinal Garden Design
Can’t get enough of these ideas for a successful edible landscape. Pro advice that makes total sense.
a potted plant with the words how to use a moss pole for houseplants
How to Use a Moss Pole for Your Plants in 4 Easy Steps!
Moss poles (or coco coir poles) are a great tool to help your indoor climbing plants grow and climb like they would in nature. Click to find out how to use a moss pole for your plants.
yellow flowers with the words plants that effectively keep flies away
Repel Flying Insects Naturally: Gardens Using Plants Like Lavender, Mint, and Citronella
Certain plants naturally repel flying insects with their aromatic qualities. Lavender, mint, citronella, catnip, garlic, and chives are examples. Interplant these throughout your vegetable and ornamental gardens. Concentrate repellant plants along borders and pathways where human activity occurs. Crush the leaves to release more scent. In pots placed near outdoor relaxation areas, grow lavender and mint. Place dried lavender bundles on the porch steps.
how to not kill succulents
How to Not Kill Your Succulents
Succulents have a reputation for being relatively easy to care plants to own and grow; which makes things all the worse when you manage to kill them anyway. Sick succulents can develop symptoms such as leaf discoloration, collapsed leaves, etc. Healthy succulents in good condition will be healthy-looking, plump, and often will have a glossy finish.
garden planning tasks Garden Supplies, Gardening Tips, Gardening Hacks, Preparing Garden Beds, Gardening For Beginners, Gardening Courses, Garden Tasks, Garden Tips
12 Garden Tasks To Put On Your Calendar Right Now! | The Beginner's Garden
Eager to get your hands dirty but not sure where to start? We've got you covered! Dive in to discover the top 12 garden tasks you should be adding to your calendar right now. From planning plantings to preparing garden beds, our beginner's guide to garden planning is all you need to start your gardening journey. Click here to learn more!
seed plants with the title how to select and save seeds for a higher - yield garden next year
How to Select and Save Seeds for a Higher-Yield Garden Next Year
Seed quality has an impact on how well your plants germinate and grow. If you want healthy, productive plants (and also want to save a little money), it's worth saving seeds from your best plants each season. Thoughtful seed selection can lead to better quality, better yields, and better resistance to pests and diseases, and you don't need to be a plant scientist to do so—here's my simple process.
a houseplant with a hand aiming a pink spray bottle at it with the text overlay: How to Get Rid of Houseplant Bugs Bugs And Insects, How To Get Rid Of Gnats, Getting Rid Of Nats, Get Rid Of Aphids, Garden Pest Control, Diy Pest Control, Plant Pests, Organic Gardening Pest Control
How to Get Rid of Houseplant Bugs
Learn how to get rid of houseplant bugs! This article gives you easy-to-follow instructions for how to eliminate bugs on your beloved plant babies. Clear descriptions and photos will also make it easy to identify fungus gnats, mealybugs, aphids, and whiteflies.
green salad with the words spring's 20 fastest vegetables to try now
Fast Vegetables for a Quick feast
Gardening is a great way to enjoy fresh, flavorful vegetables—and now, thanks to Fast Vegetables for a Quick Feast, you can have a delicious meal on the table in no time! With delectable recipes and tips on how to use the freshest seasonal produce, this book will show you how to whip up a satisfying vegetable feast, fast!g
the top five remarkable ideas to keep rats away from your car
5 Remarkable Ideas to Keep Rats Away from Your Car
Discover how to prevent rats from bringing nesting material into your car’s engine compartment over the winter. We have tips to protect your engine bay from rodent infestation and eventual rodent damage. Put our incredible pest control strategies to work for you. #repel #rats #car
some green plants with the words 4 reason your hydroponic basil is wilting read more
Why Is Your Hydroponic Basil Wilting? 4 Solutions | Bio Pests Organic Pest Control
Are your hydroponic basil plants wilting? Don’t worry! We’ve got the perfect solution. Check out this guide to diagnosing and fixing any problems with your basil so that you can get growing again! Click now for an easy fix to your wilting basil woes!
two jars with plants growing in them and the words growing vegetables in pots for beginners
Gardening Ideas Tips and D.I.Y Projects In One Place
Growing Vegetables In Pots For Beginners – 10 Best Vegetables For Container Gardening. #gardening #gardeningfever #gardeningforbeginners #plans #backyard #pots Growing vegetables in pots | growing vegetables for beginners | growing vegetables from scraps | growing vegetables indoors | growing vegetables in containers | Vegetable Gardening | Growing Vegetables, Herbs & Fruit | Growing Vegetables in containers |
gardening hacks Crafts, Clean Garden Tools, Fertilizers
Gardening Hacks: Hydrogen Peroxide
Are you a gardening enthusiast looking for budget-friendly ways to take care of your crops? Do you know that you could use hydrogen peroxide in your garden to give it a little extra boost? While plenty of fertilizers and plant foods are on the market, there’s one solution you may not have considered yet: hydrogen peroxide.