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Tips and guides for how to take care of your succulents and air plants. Find out about topics such as: how to water succulents and air plants, succulent soil…
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indoor bonsai, indoor bonsai tree types, indoor bonsai plants how to grow
Growing Indoor Bonsai
Bonsai is the gardening form of choice for people who want to grow miniature trees and grow them with style. Better still if the bonsai can grow indoors. In this regard, there are some species of trees that can indeed grow indoors which makes it even more convenient. To learn more about indoor bonsai, head over here to learn about growing indoor bonsai. #IndoorBonsai #IndoorBonsaiTreeTypes #IndoorBonsaiPlantsHowToGrow
pink and white flowers with the words cut flower seeds to start indoors
Cut Flower Garden Seeds To Start Indoors This Spring | Indoor Plant Care
Start these cut flower seeds indoors this Spring for longer, bigger blooms in July and August. Your cut flower garden won't be the same if you start your seeds indoors each and every year!
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The Gap of Death: What it is and How to fix it!
Gap of Death?!?! Gah! Sounds terrifying, right? Well, we are here to help you fix it!! Let me show you how to take your plant from the brink!
the benefits of pruning for your garden and how to use them in gardening
Why You Should Learn How to Prune Correctly
If you don't yet know how to prune, you need to learn. Prune correctly and learn why it is important in this quick DIY Garden Minute podcast. #pruning #pruningtips #howtoprune #gardenmaintenance #beginninggardener #plantcaretips #firsttimegardener #spokengarden
creating a cactus garden, cactus garden, starting a cactus garden, cactus garden ideas Fresh, Vegetable Garden, Winter, Cactus, People, Growing Tomatoes Indoors, Grow Tomatoes
Creating a Cactus Garden
With all the drought in the Northen hemisphere currently, cacti are slowly becoming more popular as people look to these rugged plants for some inspiration. Cacti are seen as a symbol of the survival instinct. And cacti are beautiful plants in their own right. Why not create a cactus garden of your own? Here are some tips on how to do it. #CreatingACactusGarden #CactusGarden #StartingACactusGarden #CactusGardenIdeas
an old concrete planter is transformed into a diy planter with plants growing in it
DIY Large Hypertufa Planter
This tutorial shows you how to make a large hypertufa planter in the shape of a trough. Use simple materials to make a lightweight planter that's durable and looks amazing in your backyard or on your front porch. Try this DIY planter project this spring or summer!
a potted plant with the words how to use a moss pole for houseplants
How to Use a Moss Pole for Your Plants in 4 Easy Steps!
Moss poles (or coco coir poles) are a great tool to help your indoor climbing plants grow and climb like they would in nature. Click to find out how to use a moss pole for your plants.
a person in blue gloves is digging dirt into the ground with gardening tools on it
Seed Starting Tips | O’Toole’s Garden Centers
Avoid These 5 Seed Starting Mistakes! 🍃 Don't let these 5 seed starting mistakes stop your garden from growing! 🌱👩‍🌾 Discover the importance of not overwatering, labeling your seed trays, and more. Follow us for more tips! Seed starting mistakes | Gardening tips #gardening101 #gardeningproblems #gardeningforbeginners #gardeningaddict
the words, why you need a design for a successful edible landscape are shown in three different pictures
Edible & Medicinal Garden Design
Can’t get enough of these ideas for a successful edible landscape. Pro advice that makes total sense.
a hand holding a glass vase with a plant in it
Peperomia Succulents & Radiator Plants - Gorgeous Houseplants! | The Succulent Eclectic
Peperomia, lovely indoor succulents and plants, are easy to propagate in a variety of ways. Learn all about growing and propagating Peperomia! #indoorsucculents #indoorplants #peperomiaplant #peperomiaplantvarieties #propagation #peperomiapropagation #plantpropagation
a houseplant with a hand aiming a pink spray bottle at it with the text overlay: How to Get Rid of Houseplant Bugs Bugs And Insects, How To Get Rid Of Gnats, Getting Rid Of Nats, Get Rid Of Aphids, Garden Pest Control, Diy Pest Control, Plant Pests, Organic Gardening Pest Control, Pest Control
How to Get Rid of Houseplant Bugs
Learn how to get rid of houseplant bugs! This article gives you easy-to-follow instructions for how to eliminate bugs on your beloved plant babies. Clear descriptions and photos will also make it easy to identify fungus gnats, mealybugs, aphids, and whiteflies.
Blue upside down bottle watering a mini monstera plant. Text on image: How to water house plants while away on vacation. Mod and mint dot com. House Plants, Water, Vacation, Indoor Gardens, Green Thumb, Water Garden
How to Water Plants While Away on Vacation
Upside down water bottles are one way to water your houseplants when you're away on vacation. Get the complete guide with all the ways on how to water your plants when you're not there.
some red flowers with the words fame garden, the key thing most growers don't know but should
The Missing Key for Garden Success
Learn about the crucial element most gardeners overlook that could be the key to unlocking your garden's full potential. Grow more than ever before!
a close up of a flower with the words keeping pets and growing succulents
Succulents and Pets: Are Cacti and Other Succulents Hazardous for Dogs and Cats?
Succulents like cacti, aloe vera, jade plants, and echeveria can be toxic for dogs and cats if ingested. Common signs of poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, and oral irritation. Prevent pets from chewing on succulents by placing them out of reach. Opt for non-toxic varieties like burro's tail, ponytail palm, and wax plant. With supervision and pet-safe plants, succulents can co-exist with furry friends.
the words choosing the perfect holiday cactus for festive decor in front of a potted plant
Schlumbergera Plant Varieties
Beyond the ubiquitous Christmas cactus, discover other Schlumbergera species and hybrids. Easter cactus has red or purple blooms in spring. Thanksgiving cactus has hooked teeth on its segments. Schlumbergera truncata is the parent cactus with impressive magenta blooms and distinct truncated segments. Exotic hybrids like Holiday cactus are bred for multi-colored flowers. Great for holiday displays. Tolerates shade and needs more water than desert cacti. Fun, whimsical houseplants.