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Olive Oatman's family were Mormons that followed James Brewster... at 13 she and a sister survived the murder of the rest of their family and were captured and traded to the Mohave Indians... they were tatooed on the chin and arms as part of the tribe's puberty ritual... the character Eva on AMC's Hell on Wheels is loosely based on Olive

Olive Oatman was the first white tattooed woman in the history of the United States. ~ Olive Oatman was 13 when she travelled from Illinois to California with her Mormon family.

Though Ken Russell wanted to be a ballet dancer, his father wouldn’t hear of it—no son of his would ever be seen in tights—so the young Russell turned his attention to photography, a craft he thought he could make his name with. He attended Walthamstow Technical College in London, where he was taught all about lighting and composition. Russell would later claim that everything he did as a trainee photographer broke the rules—a trend he continued throughout his career as a film director ...

Rose Price, shop assistant from Tottenham, sporting a manly hairstyle. Cool Cats and Tom Boys: Ken Russell’s ‘The Last of the Teddy Girls’ - LightBox

Teddy Girls from the 1950s

You might have heard of the Teddy Boys, a rebel youth subculture in Britain characterized by an unlikely style of dress inspired by Edwardian dandies fused with American rock’n roll.

Natalie Wood by Ralph Crane, 1956.

Girls with guns: Natalie Wood photographed by Ralph Crane for Life Magazine, gif by mizenscen