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Literacy Foundation

kittynotakitty: “ kurolove: “ pie-overlord: “ yoannmichaux: “ When a child doesn’t read, imagination disappear. Literacy Foundation Ads by Gaetan Namouric ” I AGREE WITH THIS. sdflguij DAMN IT, READ.

Great Ad! Stihl. The Original Playstation

I am against video games. We do not allow these in our house and our kids can't play them at their friends' houses. Outdoor play is the best. Use your imagination, muscles and fight childhood obesity.

Marketing Humor: Vintage Dehydrated Water

Dehydrated water is the perfect addition to all high-fiber, protein, and carbohydrate diets. Perfect gift for the person who 'has it all. This Dehydrated water gets its exceptional qualities from the organic qualities of its spring.

What a great Nocona Boot ad, from 1979.

Cowboy boots really are multi-purpose. You can look good and fight off wild animals! What a great Nocona Boot ad, from