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a painting of some trees in the snow
Artwork published by Jacob6392
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watercolor painting of trees and moon in the night sky with snow falling on them
Творим на зимнюю тему
рисуем изолентой
a painting of three trees in the snow
Artwork by Kate863
Artsonia Art Museum :: Artwork by Kate863
paper cut angel on blue background with snowflakes and stars in the shape of wings
ANGYAL SABLON - webtanitoneni.lapunk.hu
four pieces of paper with buildings painted on them
Blanka Weisgärberová Lakomá
Winterse lucht in de stad. Achtergrond in blauwe tinten met witte sneeuwstippen. Ijskristallen knippen van wit papier. Huizen in zwart wit tekenen en opplakken.
an art project with pictures of trees and the night sky painted on canvases in different colors
Winter Evergreens
Wahoo for Art!: Winter Evergreens
six paintings of birds sitting on branches with snow falling in the sky and stars above them
Biiti Ylimäki. Alakoulun aarreaitta