cats, a new perspective... hahaha

21 Pictures Of Cats On Glass

Ha, this is what the underneath view of a cat looks like. This makes me laugh. I kinda wanna force my cats to lay on a glass table.


Feels good man

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19 Dogs Who Have No Idea What They're Doing

i woke up at 3 AM to go do some thing for cheer (the food bank at ch and a lady gave me a tape gun and i was like A GUN! then i shot the lady and my friend and i was like PEW PEW PEW then the lady was like stop and my friend took my gun.

Oh my gosh love

10 Reasons Why Cats Are A Girl’s Best Friend. // 10 Reasons why I want a Kitty.

Bat Cat

Funny pictures about Batcat. Oh, and cool pics about Batcat. Also, Batcat.

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kitty hiding in paper bag.all cats love playing in paper bags! Love his big eyes!

I adopted you! So true!!

So true! Well we adopted each other.I rescued him off the street but he came up to me.

Cat problems - Grumpy Cat and Venus the kitty! (my favorite meme so far!)

Cat problems - Grumpy Cat and Venus the kitty! (my favorite meme so far!)<~~Venus and grumpy cat are awesome and my second favorite cats after mine