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Dark Winter makeup

Your colour analyzed cosmetic colour for the most natural, believable lip colour is mulberry, so a browned purple, in the lower right position of the lip/blush foursome. Strong cool dark coral-pink is a brighter option. NARS pencil in Club Mix is good.

Winter Makeup Comparisons: Dark Winter; True Winter; Bright Winter. Notice how…

Notice how the True Winter in the middle has noticeably cool, pink undertones compared to the others who are neutral/cool.

Deep Winter Seasonal Color Palette

deep winter color palette Your Best Neutrals Black, Pure White, Deep Charcoal Avoid These Colors Golden Browns, soft peach, light earth tones

Deep winter

I thought to be a Winter you'd need to have very cool and ashy tones, but Deep Winter is actually both warm and cool tones; I'm back to uncertain between deep winter and deep autumn :) a few colors that overlap? Black, Chinese Blue, and Emerald Green