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18 Tweets That Will Force You To Smile Even If You Don't Want To

Builder Didier Burtin shows that your LEGO bricks causing great foot pain was their devious plan the whole time, with his brick-built interpretation of the meme. Didier’s build is my favorite of all t (Favorite Meme Funny)


Oral B is using guerrilla marketing in a very creative way. They created the illusion that the brush of a cleaning truck is the brush of a toothbrush

Reményik Sándor idézet az apró örömökről. A kép forrása: Napi Boldogság

Reményik Sándor idézet az apró örömökről. A kép forrása: Napi Boldogság


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Lego photography - make awesome scenes with minifigures and take photos of them!

Fun Activity: Take Photos of Your Legos

Let your kid set up Lego pictures and shoot away. This was fun, provide more props next time.

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Funniest fails ever collection — Top Sometimes things don’t go as expected and in fact they turn out to become embarrassing or hilarious situation .

Úgyhogy legyél szorgalmas, mint Nyuszi!

Úgyhogy legyél szorgalmas, mint Nyuszi!