I love V'Day but this Anti - Valentine's Day Cake made me laugh!

hahhaha Baker Baker Pollard glad to see other people celebrate antivalentines dayy too!

1. It started out as a joke on a college campus You've heard of anti-Valentines Day parties. Heck, maybe you've even thrown one (or four) yourself. In the 1990s single Chinese college students at Nanjing University took their V-day protest even further when they came up with a day to celebrate not having a romantic partner.

Have I mentioned I love Banksy? A Banksy tattoo would be awesooooommmmeeee. Love this one. Love sick lol so dope

Anti- valentine day quote : Don't even think about it ! last time you screwed up ! ... hilarious....

Anti- valentine day quote : Dont even think about it ! last time you screwd up ! funny man aims gun at cupid with heart arrow

We Made Anti-Valentine's Day Cards for Your Not-So-Special Someone

We Made Anti-Valentine's Day Cards for Your Not-So-Special Someone

Screw Valentine's Day, Tomorrow is Discount Chocolate Day Anti Valentines Day Card with Envelope blank inside

We've been so caught up with how many different ways you can spend Valentine's Day this year, along with how awesome and creative cards can be, we almost forgot that some people out there just don't c.

Anti-Valentine's day photo shoot

While some can't wait for Valentine's day, others can't wait for it TO PASS.

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Roses are Red, Violets are blue, I have 5 fingers, and the middle ones for you.Free Funny ecards - Create and send your own funny Rotten ecards

Anti Valentine's Day Shirt, $19.30, Etsy

10 Sassy Tees That Perfectly Sum Up Your Valentine's Day Feels

Anti Valentin-nap

Mulher morre após ser atingida por bala perdida em Cariacica, no ES