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I dunno if this is supposed to be sensual, but hey, it's Jazz | Jazzberry Blue Twin Peaks Art Print

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“Bhikkhus, suppose a fisherman would cast a baited hook into a deep lake, and a fish on the lookout for food would swallow it. That fish who has thus swallowed the fisherman’s hook would meet with calamity and disaster, and the fisherman could do with it as he wishes. So too, bhikkhus, there are these six hooks in the world for the calamity of beings, for the slaughter of living beings. “There are, bhikkhus, forms cognizable by the eye that are desirable, lovely, agreeable, pleasing…

… the Naga-king Virupaksha found the door of liberation extinguishing all the burning pains of the state of nagas. Shakra found the door of liberation of instantaneously transforming his own naga form and manifesting the forms of countless beings.

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