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poker chips and playing cards on a table
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-   ͙۪۪̥˚┊❛ Christopher Bang ❜┊˚ ͙۪۪̥◌-
- ͙۪۪̥˚┊❛ Christopher Bang ❜┊˚ ͙۪۪̥◌- wallpaper
two different pictures of the same person in front of a christmas tree and one man holding a
Bangchan art
a young man sitting in the driver's seat of a car with his hand on the steering wheel
a woman wearing a necklace with a square shaped pendant on it's neck and chain around her neck
#straykids #bangchan
four different pictures of hands with the words chan's hands written on them and two photos of people holding their hands together
#bangchan #straykids #흥분group #банчан #скз #bangchanedit
Bang Chan
Somos de Calle 🤙🏻
stray kids. bang chan