VV 24. A hírszerzés története

VÁLTOZÓ VILÁG 24. A HÍRSZERZÉS TÖRTÉNETE Ókor, középkor, újkor Írta Ónody György www.valtozovilag.hu/cw/hirszerzestortenete1.htm
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Mata Hari (Sunrise) - "... a colorful butterfly in the sun."

Mata Hari

Mata Hari August October born Margaretha Gertruida Zelle, famous as both the.

Mata Hari

The world remembers her as Mata Hari, but when she was born to an ethnic German family in the Netherlands in she was Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, the eldest daughter in a relatively affluent family.

SOVIET PROPAGANDA POSTER “Don’t Gossip” and “Be on the lookout: These days, the walls talk.” In Soviet times, these kind of posters promoted discretion in wartime, lest the enemy hear you blabbering about military secrets.

John Andre

Major John Andre: British spy caught and hung by the Americans during the Revolution. Most spy's caught face a fate of death as John Andre's hanging

Bella Boyd, born Maria Isabella Boyd, was a confederate spy in the American Civil War. She operated from her father’s hotel and gave valuable information to Confederate generals.

Nathan Hale is known as the first American spy. Black fighting champion bill Richmond was the hangman/executioner

The Tudors, King James, James D'arcy, Queen Mary, The Foundation, The Americans

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