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Vanhall László

Vanhall László
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Hand-Turned Wooden Spinning Top, 2010, Pagoda Tree/Birch/Japanese Yew/Bogwood | 1" D x 1.5-2" H | carved wooden tops from Mokkougei Sasahara Co. (est. 1970), handmade in Hokkaido, Japan with a wood lathe (there, they are known as Koma) | $.8.50

Hand-Turned Wooden Spinning Tops, handmade in Hokkaido, Japan with a wood lathe.

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My great great and great great great grandfather's were blacksmith's both named George Stevenson


Hi, Sam Salvati's tongs really caught my eye the other day, especially the flat bar tongs. The design was totally new to me, but looked really handy.