Ah for the pre 1960s days when men were men, women were women, and the world wasn't racing to get to hell, still heading there mind, but not at a neck breaking speed.

TRAIN YOUR WIFE vintage poster. I want to see the Train Your Husband one! Nice he has pants & shirt on she has an apron & probably high heels!

Quick Death Insecticide And Deodorant Victorian (Image1)

Quick Death Insecticide And Deodorant Victorian (Bottles) at Teardrop Memories

For those times when you just gots to get you some and batteries just ain't going to do it!

"My friend found this in her aunt's attic" hahahhahahahahahahahha - look how short the cord is.

...means I love you.

The Lump In My Pants Means I Love You - vintage retro antique kitsch book pulp novel

J. Edouard Pernot, Absinthe Trip, 1905

Absinthe Vintage Liqueur Advertising Poster Print from Zazzle. This is awesome

the ideal Brain Tonic in 1897

Vintage Coca-Cola Calendar Advertising Coke, the Ideal Brain Tonic! It is true, though. I mean, the curing the headache part.

#vintage ipad. #excelenciaip

I like the juxtapozition of depicting modern tools and toys with old-school imagery.

CAN YOU BELIEVE:  I wonder if these cigs are menthol.  Dr. Batty's Asthma Cigarettes -  a well-named physician!

nsydeout: “ Smoke cigarettes to cure asthma? But the funniest shit is the very last line, “Not recommended for children under ” so i should start smoking?

amasing vintage print!

Gorgeous Printable Poster ~ A century poster advertising Louis Vuitton’s Paris flagship at 1 Rue Scribe and its London location on Charing Cross Road

Vibrating bra

"VIBRATING BRA for satisfying relaxation. Very few women are lucky enough to have the firm, perfect figure needed to go without a bra. With your Vibra Bra you also receive a program of diet and exercise to firm and develop your bust line.

New Sans-a-belt Slacks with 'Action Zone',  Do I really have to say anything! Funny Vintage Advertising.

With An Action SNACK PACK ❗Must Have Action Pants. "A man of action needs to wear pants of action". Just love the 'Action Zone' burst over his action zone. And I don't even want to know what an "extra large snack sack" is.