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four men are riding on a roller coaster at an amusement park, one man is covering his eyes and the other has his hands up
The craziest look
an image of a person in bed with the caption that reads, i love when ppl draw ships like this actually
Fool Me Once: 3 Ways To Deal With The Harsh Realities Of Life
If there was ever a time to talk about the realities of life, it's now. We live in an age where real-life communication is being pha...
three people are sitting in the back seat of a car with faces drawn on them
an i love card with the word i in black and red on top of it
I ❤️ blank
a man in a black suit is dancing with his hands out and the words x naddes perfecto yo
a drawing of a man's head with the caption saying, why do you quiet? what's on your mind?
an image of the same cartoon character eating cereal from a bowl, with caption that reads