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the tweet is being used to describe what people are saying about each other
two tweets on twitter with the caption jesus lizard superstar
This Account Collects The Most Beautiful And Witty Tumblr Conversations, And Here Are The 50 Best Ones
two tweets that have been edited to describe what they're writing from
Terribly Shameless
Oml the comment
two tweets that are on the same page, one has writing prompts
a white wall with the words write a short story based on a song of your choice
Writing Motivation, Writing Words
an instagram with the caption'writing - pompf - s '
an image of a quote with the words, this can't get any worse can it? sure it can just give me a minute
Making It Worse – Wednesday Writing prompt
I'd rather be dead. Science Fiction, Prompts
I’d rather be dead.
I'd rather be dead.
a yellow background with the words dialogue prompt everything here can kill you, but i can do it the most efficiently
Most efficiently
two tweets with the same caption on them, one is asking to someone
an image of someone's tweeting about being in the dark knight movie
Writing-prompt-s Despite your reputation as a Dark Lord, you have a strict moral code. So when a young girl showing signs of abuse wandered into your realm, you took her in. Now the neighboring kingdom is acusing you of kidnapping their princess. You have to choose between returning her to her abusors or war. I selenekallanwriter BRING IT ON. 5,115 notes - iFunny