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loveandpunishment: bookspaperscissors: The Outpost garden pod: A contemporary summer house / eco hut hand made in western red cedar comes complete with waterproof clip on screens.put a hot tub in there.

This gave me the idea to build one of these parking barns out of pallets. Need to show this to my husband.:

Garaż z palet/ Great idea to build one of these parking barns / wood storage out of pallets.

17620290_1276134752454093_8524773136232107985_o.jpg (1440×1080)

17620290_1276134752454093_8524773136232107985_o.jpg (1440×1080)

kerti pad15

DIY outdoor benches and table ideas. You can use long barks of pallet or cinder blocks, and other available wood to shape as benches or coffee tables with a

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