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Raising goats can keep you on your toes! Don't be caught unprepared with a sick goat. Keep these 10 medications on hand at all times so you are ready when you goats need you.

A well stocked medical cabinet can mean the difference between life and death. Keep these 10 goat medications on hand to keep your herd healthy!

DIY Rock Candy // #diy #rockcandy #candy #party #Nifty

DIY Rock Candy // #diy #rockcandy #candy #party #Nifty

Homemade Marshmallow Sauce- so easy to make and so versatile! ~

For side dishes, main dishes or even desserts, sauces are so delicious that we can almost use them in every dish. Here's a collection of the most delicious sauces you can make at home.

The Henry Milker: How to Build a Goat Milking Stand - The Henry Milker

Picking milking goats for the homestead. Milking goats are easier to care for than cows, eat off the land and need only half or less of the barn space a cow requires. They have very good milk.

How to Have Great Tasting Goat's Milk | Our Simple Farm | #prepbloggers #goats

Our Simple Farm: How to Have Great Tasting Goat& Milk Great article to re-read