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a small wooden stool with a bird painted on it
Bien positivo
En nuestro firme propósito de ayudarte a que puedas dar vuelo a tu creatividad, de manera que florezcan tus dones y talentos, hoy te acercamos otra técnica de arte decorativo
a painted plate with a pineapple on it sitting on the floor next to a carpet
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Pineapple mosaic birdbath - 16" terra cotta $75.00 by Lou Ann Weeks Contact
a mosaic plate with an owl on it
A small mosaic for Hallmarket... the plate measures 8 inches in diameter, the mosaic is about 7.
a blue and green plate sitting on top of a metal grating netted surface
Mosaic swirl by Anne Marie Price. #mosaic #mosaicart #AnneMariePrice #swirl #turquoise #CA #stainedglass
a black cat sitting on top of a blue and white mosaic tile wall art piece
20+ Incredible Mosaic Design Ideas
a blue and white plate sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wall
Atelier Márcia Regina - Solidarium - Página 2
a blue and white plate sitting on top of a wooden table next to a brown wall
dessous de plat : Antigone Mosaïque
dessous de palt mosaïque, dessous de plat mosaic fleuri, sous plat mosaïque fleuri, sou plats mosaic fleuri
there is a bird that is on the wall
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a stained glass sailboat on display in a wooden frame
Un hermoso tornamesa
a circular mosaic table with an umbrella on it's side and scissors next to it
a mosaic tree on a wooden table