Retro telephones - not so long ago these were so normal although it does feel like forever!

Complementi d'arredo vintage - Complementi d'arredo vintage, telefoni colorati

Add style to any room in the house with a vintage phone from DST UK. Whether it's a American Diner phone you're looking for or a vintage rotary phone, we've got an incredible collection of styles and colours to suit everyone.


mint retro roller skates big need for these rn ♡ (Moxi Lolly Roller Skates, from Urban Outfitters)


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Spejbl a Hurvínek ☳ ⇅ ⚡

Spejbl a Hurvínek ☳ ⇅ ⚡ » Živé květy, Algena, šumák a dalších 16 zářných retro vzpomínek na všední život za socialismu

Pionieer school chalk, screechy on the black board, dusty at erasing it with dry sponge, sourish - strong smell when wet.