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Az Apple fejlődése

Apple Inc. is the most famous brand in the world, but how has the company achieved global status since its inception in

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The Evolution of Technology in Schools Infographic illustrates some significant technological innovations for the classroom through the years.

A távközlés fejlődése

As technology develops further, so does the way in which we communicate with one and other. Telecommunication have come a long way since their humble

From emails to accounting, everything is moving to the cloud lately, even anti-virus technologies! AVG CloudCare is a platform that simplifies IT management for small businesses. It protects devices, data and people with a set of flexible services that

information technology jokes

This is why we write them. :) Mail then and now. So funny! Getting letters and cards through snail mail when he is on deployment is so much better than e-mails. Although I still need his e-mail every day.