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a drawing of a person with headphones and a cell phone to their ear,
an anime character with flowers in his hand and the words sample by sunda on it
Hideyoshi Nagachika (SAMPLE) by Sundog1991 on DeviantArt
Hideyoshi Nagachika (SAMPLE) by Sundog1991
an anime character with blonde hair wearing a black hoodie and looking to the side
I would cry my eyes out << if Hide turns out to be another artificial one eyed ghoul
an anime character sitting at a table with a straw in his mouth
Hideyoshi Nagachika- Tokyo Ghoul You adorable little shit
an anime character with glasses and a black shirt is staring at something in the distance
kaneki ken | Tumblr
Hide Tumblr
an anime character with white hair and blue eyes looks at the camera while standing in front of clouds
Which "Tokyo Ghoul" Character Are You?
three anime characters with different facial expressions and hair styles, one is talking on the phone
Hide | Tokyo Ghoul
a young man wearing headphones and holding a book
Nagachika Hideyoshi - Tokyo Ghoul - Image by Jacky Kramer #1932855 - Zerochan Anime Image Board
an anime character with blonde hair and glasses
Hidddeee ;-;
an anime character with blonde hair wearing a black jacket and grey shirt, holding his hand to his face
This pic is from an.artist..
an anime character with headphones on and looking at something in front of his face
who the hell is xavier