Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Small tattoos are perfect for girls and women alike. Delicate and feminine, I promise these 28 blissfully small tattoos will not disappoint. Eyebrow Makeup Tips

Flower Pot

Flower Pot Card

Maybe next year's Mother's Day? Flower Pot Card - Idea: Cut out the card from cardstock as it is, and fill in the flowers appropriately and artistically with quilled shapes. Fold it and add your message inside!

Beautiful bold floral design in pysanky style Hímestojásaim (Kucko Nelly, Hungary)

Beautiful bold floral design in pysanky style Hímestojásaim (Kucko Nelly…

Cestino pasquale

Floral Eggs - could use patterned tissue paper or single ply napkin decoupage

10+ DIY Modern Easter Eggs

10+ DIY Modern Easter Eggs

25 unique Easter Egg Ideas with pictures and tutorials. Gather inspiration with these beautiful Easter egg ideas featuring decoupaged eggs, gold leaf eggs,


Set of 3 Decorated Green Chicken Eggs, Drop Pull Pysanky, Wax Embossed Chicken Pysanky