Vécsei Ágnes Anna

Vécsei Ágnes Anna

Vécsei Ágnes Anna
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Apple Ring Pancakes

Apple Ring Pancakes ::: Quite tasty, although in the recipe it says cm" slices for the apple rings, definitely making them thinner like they see in the video because its hard to get the sides cooked if they're thicker.

YUMMM!!! Mouth. Watering! Miniature Chocolate Raspberry Cakes for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Miniature Chocolate Raspberry Cakes Recipe Ingredients DEVIL’S FOOD: 3 cups granulated sugar 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 cups cocoa powder (natural or Dutch-proc…

True story! Programming! #programmer #program #programming #programmers…

A programmer is a person who fixes a problem that you don’t know you have, in a way you don’t understand.

a little hex color code html wisdom for your life.

:) I love this! (For those who don't know, is the hexadecimal color for black, and is the one for white.) --- Some Graphic Design humor