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two serving trays with drinks on them sitting next to each other
Roll bar trolley
Roll bar trolley is a modern and minimalistic trolley in Scandinavian design. It is designed by the design duo Welling/Ludvik, known for pure aesthetic and letting each detail serve a functional purpose. Roll Bar trolley is ideal for storing or serving purposes and the wheels make it easy to move around and place it where needed. The teak plates can be moved around so you can create the look you like.
an old fashioned sewing machine sitting on top of a checkered floor in front of a green wall
Shaken and stirred: Studio Caramel brings back the bar cart in Beirut
a bike with kegs on the back parked in a room next to a window
the hopworks urban brewery beer bike
a wooden table with a white canopy over it and other items on the top shelf
tomioka stand 利用規約 | note architects - 清澄白河 門前仲町
an old fashioned ice cream cart with two bicycles parked in front of it and an umbrella over the top
Coffee and ice cream bicycle carts
an electronic device with a solar panel on top
Ferla X Coffee Bike For Sale: All-In-One Mobile Motorized Coffee Tricycles
an old fashioned bike with a cart attached to the back and canopy over it's head
3d модели - скачать на 3ddd.ru
the diagram shows how to use an electric cargo bike for transporting food and drink bottles
This product is no longer available.
an ice cream cart is shown with the text procopio'8 on it
Procopio Classic Gelato - Teknèitalia
an old fashioned ice cream cart next to a chalkboard sign
Moule Food Cart