Adding natural light and fresh air from above makes a dramatic difference to any room.
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two children playing on the floor in front of an open kitchen and dining room area
Skylights for Sunny Days
Skylights can transform any room into a bright, breezy escape—perfect for sunny days and summer play.
a house with a metal roof and glass doors
Why VELUX "Fresh Air" Skylights Were Essential to Creating Amy Matthews's Dream Modern Barnhouse
Designer Amy Matthews explains why VELUX “Fresh Air" Skylights were essential to creating her dream home: “I didn't want to have a high peak and a gorgeous ridge beam and then a flat ceiling,” she said. “Anyone inside the house should be able to capture the sky and the trees in their view, and I knew I wasn't going to get that just from the windows, I needed to have skylights.” Click the image to read more about Matthews's Modern Barnhouse.
a man working on the roof of a house
How To Find a VELUX Skylight Installer Near You
Take advantage of our extensive network of skylight installation companies that carry our products and have been trained by VELUX, each ready to help you reclaim your space with fresh air and natural light. Begin by plugging your zip code into our installer search tool and you'll be able to quickly locate skylight installers who serve your area.
a bathroom with two skylights above the shower
Small Bathroom Renovation Inspiration
See how Sachi Lord gave her small bathroom renovation the ultimate wow factor by adding VELUX skylights with shades to open the small space up with natural light and fresh air.
a person holding up a smart phone in front of a living room with windows and curtains
Let us help you reimagine your space, remotely.
Schedule your virtual consultation with a VELUX design professional and instantly picture how bright your space could be with VELUX Skylights.
a living room filled with furniture and lots of windows
Four Design Considerations For Your Covered Patio
Whether your looking to maximize views or flood the space with natural light when designing the covered porch of your dreams, there's a VELUX Skylight perfect for your project.
a white bunk bed sitting under a chandelier in a bedroom next to a dresser
5 Ways Skylights Help You Live Smart Inspired By The HGTV Smart Home 2021
The HGTV Smart Home 2021 is filled with natural light, fresh air, and exceptional technology with VELUX Skylights.
a kitchen with wood flooring and white counter tops under a skylight that is hanging from the ceiling
Discover New VELUX Skylight Blinds Colors
Thinking of reasons you should add blinds to your skylights? Installing blinds can help with light and temperature control, while adding style to complement your home's decor. Choose from any of our brand new color options and transform your space today.
a woman taking a photo with her cell phone
See What Your Home Would Look Like with Skylights
Our new VELUX Skylights AR app allows users to digitally envision what their space would look like with a VELUX Skylight. Browsing skylight options has never been so easy. The app is free and available today for Apple/iOS.
a kitchen with lots of potted plants in it
2021 Skylight Design Trends
a bathroom with blue tiles and an orange rug on the floor next to a bathtub
How To Pull Off A Maximalist Bathroom Design With Sun Tunnels
Check out how Studio DIY creator Kelly Mindell completed her minimalist bathroom reno by adding natural light from a VELUX Sun Tunnel! Photo Credit: Jeff Mindell
a living room filled with furniture and a piano
Explore An Inspiring VELUX Skylight Transformation Near You Today
Are you curious what exactly a Skylight renovation would look for your home? Head over to our site to explore an inspiring VELUX project near you learn about skylight sizes, installation costs, and design inspiration today
a living room with pink walls and white trim on the ceiling, along with a green couch
Six Reasons To Add Natural Light To Your Stairwell
The HGTV Dream Home 2021 uses natural light from VELUX Skyligts to brighten a moody deep red stairwell.
a bedroom with green walls and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling
Using Natural Light to Enhance Bold Color Choices
Bringing more color-friendly natural light into your home can allow you more flexibility to use bolder, more vibrant designs in your home.
the before and after photos of a kitchen remodeling project in veluxx
A fresher start to 2021.
Get a fresher start to 2021 with skylights! With VELUX "Fresh Air" skylights, you can easily ventilate small kitchen spaces and quickly clear out cooking odors. Plus, light from above adds natural daylight without taking space away from crucial storage areas.