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mysterious--and imagine the rest of the house

A Stoker family member was reminded of a spinning wheel in the attic, and fear clutching at the children as one dared the other to go & open the door at the top of the stairs.Dark & Fantastic Arts image shared by Victorian Solstice

Abandoned power plant

It would be so cool to build a loft apartment around a shop like this. Clean everything and get rid of the oil smell and build counters and shelves and benches all around it.

Can I live here, please.  312 Shipwreck Paraphenalia  Underwater  7777

A pair of divers explore the wreck of the Giannis D (originally Shoyo Maru) on the Abu Nuhas reef, Strait of Gubal, Red Sea, Egypt. By British photographer Alex Mustard. He's travelled the world snapping pictures of wrecked ships lying on the sea bed.

When the ocean takes what we built, we can only let it, for the waves are mighty and hold many years and stories like that of the rings in a tree. Never fight against the tide as it pushes you towards where your supposed to go, even if to the depths.

Cold: sets an atmosphere that allows the photos leading lines of the wooden posts to lead the viewer to the endless sea, which is exemplified by a low shutter speed to capture the waves and texture to capture the water