Boldogkőváralja, Hungary

This mountain lookout located in Boldogkőváralja, Hungary is famous for overlooking the village below it. Be sure to stop by if you are visiting Hungary!

Szolnok, Hungary  (Tiszavirág)

These slighlty-disturbing nyad figures are actually half mayfly, an insect that is very important in the town of Szolnok, as the Tisza river is alive with them for a few days every year.


The unusual buildings at Ópusztaszer, Hungary. Here you can also find the Cyclorama- the largest painting in the country, in a similar round structure.

Kisherceg szobor Szolnokon

What authors do we have in our town and what characters could we install for ever. - In Szolnok, Hungary .the Little Prince and the fox statue.