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Incorporate Landscape Features. I love the way the fencing seems to be hugging the tree. Great use of a natural focal point!

Incorporate Landscape Features An established tree dominates this patio area. It could have been tricky to design around. But instead of being a problem, the tree plays a starring role in the space with a curved stairway on both sides.

Stretch pantyhose over your rain barrel to keep mosquitoes from laying eggs.  Brilliant!

You can use rain water in your gardens thanks to this DIY rain barrel. Learn how to build a rain barrel to save water and to save money. Your plants will get the hydration they need, and your budget will be happy too.

Strawberries in cinder block edging  Summer Garden {2010}

"""Put strawberry plants in concrete blocks edging a garden."""" --------->Put plants that naturally repell garden pests like marigolds? Also, cinderblock beds a good idea for around fence. Maybe use concrete stain to make them more natural looking?