Veronika Koppány Tamásné

Veronika Koppány Tamásné

Veronika Koppány Tamásné
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Behind every soldier, sailor, marine, airman, coast guard is someone who supports them with their whole heart! -

No one understand this more than a Military wife.and I don't care if he's active duty or retired, you're STILL a military wife - that will NEVER go away, that's a badge of honor that you earned. I'm PROUD to be an ARMY WIFE!

For all who knows me.....this is my show! :D  and nobody with a life (or soul) should watch it

Alana, I just wanted to provide you with this quote while you were becoming more aware of anxiety. Always remember to believe you can. You determine the outcome of your own life. Stay calm and you can do it. Never allow others to discourage you.

Catherine Bell: Brigid Brannagh and Catherine bell in Army Wives

So a lot of you hear about the famous series Army Wives and definitely you know that our star Catherine Bell has the starring role in it,.