The Ingalls Girls - Mary Ingalls seated, Laura Ingalls (Wilder) right, and little Carrie Ingalls (Swanzey) left   Mary does look like Melissa Sue Anderson (who played Mary in the TV series Little House on the Prairie) here, don't you think?

The Ingalls Girls - Mary Ingalls seated, Laura Ingalls (Wilder) right, and little Carrie Ingalls (Swanzey) left Laura does look like who played in the TV series Little House on the Prairie here, don't you think?

The Ingalls dugout home in Walnut Grove. Many KS pioneers made homes just like this one. Lewis Huddle & family, (the man who built our house) lived across the road from here in a dugout while building this house & farmstead buildings.

An unidentified family in front of their dugout, presumably near McCook, Nebraska, about

Laura Ingalls Wilder....(February 7, 1867 – February 10, 1957) was an American author who wrote the "Little House" series of books based on her childhood in a pioneer family. Laura's daughter, Rose, inspired Laura to write her books. It became "Little House On The Prairie"

Born February 1867 Laura Elizabeth Ingalls in the Big Woods of Pepin County, Wisc The Hoover Library - papers of Rose Wilder Lane. What good books they all are.

The real Ma and Pa Ingalls (Little House on the Prairie)

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s parents, Caroline and Charles Ingalls. Little House On The Prairie I loved this show so much as a child. Life was crazy for me then Now I named by business after that show Prairie House Yarns and Fibers

Willie & Nellie Olsen and their father.

William Henry Owens 20 17 Nov Father of Nellie Owens (Nellie Oleson from Little House Books) Pictured here with Nellie and adopted son Frank

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Laura Ingalls Wilder

Laura Ingalls Wilder - author of the Little House on the Prairie books

Rose (daughter of Almanzo and Laura Ingalls Wilder) ♥ - Laura Ingalls Wilder Photo (23799272) -

Laura and Almonzo Wilder`s daughter Rose ♥ - Laura Ingalls Wilder Photo -

a wonderful author : Laura Ingalls Wilder in 1953

Laura Ingalls Wilder's letters give a peek inside 'Prairie' life

A new collection of the letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder documents the author’s secret editorial collaboration with her daughter, Rose Wilder Lane, on the beloved “Little House” books.