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Shame and vulnerability expert Brene Brown teaches that fitting in is the enemy of truly belonging.

Animals specially cats are really cute but when they are photographed being stupid or doing silly things or getting themselves unintentionally involved in awkward positions they are also really rea…

Itt az életem őrült pillanatait osztom meg veletek... ?… #humoros #Humoros #amreading #books #wattpad

My Days

Itt az életem őrült pillanatait osztom meg veletek... ?… #humoros #Humoros #amreading #books #wattpad

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Nyugi wazze. ..mondtam, hogy küldöm? Na látod, hogy küldöm...

Vaska — a parasite! Why have you stolen a chicken from the refrigerator ! Go in peace … post today!

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I can't own a cat at the moment but one day I will post a photo of me and my future fur baby together. In the meantime I decided to share this cutie instead :)

Ne hallgass a pingvinre ...

Ne hallgass a pingvinre .