Yup! The goggles didn't come off but one of them filled up with water during my 200 free at a meet! They filled up on the first 25 too! Sad, sad, day. ☹️

I hate it when this happens cause then you still have to finish 200 or whatever with your goggles like that.

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To fix this: Use a small spray bottle, baby shampoo, and water. Fill the spray bottle of the way full with shampoo, and then add water. Spray on fronts and insides of goggles, and rub. This recipe is from a coach and it works AMAZINGLY!

Morning practice. Literally I sleep on the deck....

Come to a morning practice and you will see proof! Morning practices start really early so we wake up at 4 😕

Cada dia más cerca. ..!♥

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Dica olímpica: faça natação sem detonar os cabelos

Dica olímpica: faça natação sem detonar os cabelos

Two reasons why swimming is one of the best workouts you can get is that swimming builds muscle strength and also builds your physical stamina.