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two slices of bread with eggs and cucumbers on them sitting on a plate
Snacks, Girl, Yemek, Inspo, Fit, Yum, Life
an open face sandwich with cream cheese and kiwis in the background on a plate
a plate with grapes, nuts, oranges and crackers on it next to a chocolate bar
a sandwich and salad in plastic containers on a table with a can of yogurt
a piece of chocolate cake on a plate with bananas and other toppings next to a cup of cappuccino
a sandwich cut in half next to a bowl of blueberries and kiwis
Healthy Lunch 🥙
a white plate topped with a cut in half sandwich next to french fries and ketchup
a person is holding a bowl of cereal
a sandwich and cucumbers on a plate next to a soda
a person is reading a book and eating some food with an apple on the side
a skillet filled with eggs and spinach
a plate topped with toast next to a bowl of cucumbers and a cup of rice
a white plate topped with pancakes and fruit next to a cup of espresso
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Healthy Sweets, Sweet Savory, Sweets Recipes, Healthy Sweets Recipes, Breakfast Bagel, Food Cravings
fav (sourdough+cottage cheese+cinnamon+honey)💕
a person holding a green plate with food on it and a knife in their hand
two pieces of bread with butter spread on them
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there is a sandwich and grapes on the plate next to a glass of chocolate milk
Egg/Avocado Quesadilla
I made this breakfast using a tortilla, avocado, cheese and 2 eggs. I had some grapes on the side and of course a glass of chocolate milk!
a plate with toast, kiwis and eggs on it
Lunches, Art, Health, Foodies
danityeri on twt