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three figurines made to look like dogs with paintbrushes in their mouths
a toy castle made out of clay sitting on top of a white table next to yellow flowers
three ceramic pots with pencils and markers in them on top of a table next to each other
Доброго времени суток Страна Мастеров!Готова метровая ящерка.Остальные фото подписывать не буду,так как пока подписываю обрывается связь.Всё и так понятно,в принципе одно и тоже. фото 26
there are two clay pots made to look like they're in the shape of houses
a pencil holder with scissors, markers, and other office supplies in the shape of a tree stump
this is an image of a house made out of clay
a close up of a cup with scissors in it
there are many different types of books in this holder with paintbrushes and brushes
Фото 908881229345 из альбома 2021-й! Какие ждать от тебя сюрпризы?. Разместила Галина В в ОК
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