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two bird feeders hanging from a tree in the woods with cotton balls on them
How to Whisk Something Together For The Birds DIY
Spring is just around the corner, and birds will be busy building their nests. Give them a helping hand by providing things that they can use while nesting. And, while you’re helping out our feathered friends, you’ll also be adding something pretty to your yard. Supplies: Wire Whisk, Moss, Burlap or Other Natural Fiber Fabric, Straw, Twigs, Dead Leaves, Loose Wool or Cotton, Twine, Beads. Note: Do not use drier lent because it may contain chemicals that are harmful to birds. Also, re…
a tall bird feeder sitting on top of a metal pole next to snow covered ground
Build A Holder For Bird-Nest Building Materials - Hobby Farms
some type of tile with different types of words on the tiles in front of it
Mom buys bricks and uses them in ways I never thought of. Here are 13 stunning ideas
three different pictures of bricks with words on them and flowers in the middle one is made out of brick
brick herb markers
7. Craft Herb Markers for Your Garden with Painted Bricks
Garden Marker Friendship Gift
Garden Marker Friendship Gift
this is a cake made to look like a house with trees and flowers on it
Painted Tree Ring Tutorial in the Garden Art forum
Fairy Garden Planter - Gnome Home | Etsy
Just made this gnome planter for my aunt’s 75th birthday. Perfect gift for a garden lover!