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Easy pull up variation for beginners. Great upper body exercise using a suspension trainer.
Hip Thrusts for Glute Training and Booty Workouts At Home
Hip thrusts are one of the best glute exercises to build a strong and shapely butt. This variation using a suspension trainer is a great lower body exercise and an effective glute isolation movement. Using a suspension trainer like a Bodytorc or TRX allows for more functional training and helps build grip strength.
Shoulder workout using suspension trainer 🔥
Back workout superset.
Two back exercises with no rest in between for an intense back muscle pump.
The difference between a squat and a hinge movement.
How to do calf raises using a suspension trainer 🔥
The key to longevity: don’t be frail. Workout advice for older people.
Simple exercises for healthy shoulders. 🔥🔥🔥
Can’t do body weight pull ups? Try this exercise!
The solution to training the back in a hotel room is a suspension trainer.
Simple yet effective core exercise
Back and chest exercises
Try this variation with your suspension trainer.
Full body exercises great for cardio
Easy stretching routine for the whole body.
TRX Back and Core Exercises Int/Adv
Healthy shoulders workout
Include a fly, external rotation and press exercise into your shoulder workouts.
If you want healthy and strong shoulders do these two simple exercises.
Our shoulders joint is designed for movement so we need to ensure we regularly move it through its entire range of motion. These two simple exercises are great accessory exercises to compliment a weight training program as they move your shoulders in ways that is often overlooked in the gym: rotation. Using a suspension trainer simply move your arms in a circle (both directions) and with your elbows at 90 degrees and level with your shoulders externally rotate your hands behind you.
Back and biceps body weight workout using a suspension trainer
Back and biceps are two muscle groups that work well if trained together. Splitting up body parts is a popular exercise plan for building muscle and training back with biceps targets two muscle groups that work together for pulling exercises (pulling a weight towards you or pulling yourself up). These exercises train the whole back and do three sets of 12 reps or whatever amount feels challenging.
Complete leg workout with one exercise 💥
Are TRX Squats Effective? – 3 Ways to Squat (Suspension Training at Home)
Driveway Training: a Full-Body Workout for Healthy Muscles and Fat Loss
Trx Training
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The Complete Suspension Training Workout