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When he licks his lips I die everytime

Imagine: You were facetiming your friend Nash and Shawn your crush *he had a crush on you too*And then Nash turned the Camera to you and Shawn did this

Shawn Mendes Updates

from the story Shawn mendes GIF by my_idol_shawn_mendes (My_idol_shawn_mendes) with 843 reads.

His lazy eyeee.. doesn't even effect my affection for him one bit.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him just as much as I always do..! He could go blind or loose an arm or anything but i would still love him<3 And that's how it should be!!!!

His lazy eyeee. doesn't even effect my affection for him one Bit. Like my friends sit there and r like i hate his Lazy eye! Im sitting there like "Its So Adorable Fuq U mean"