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the diagram shows how to build a garden bed for an outdoor space with plants growing in it
Integrated Urban Bioswale Components | Economies of Swale | SymbioticCity | Landscape design, Landsc
an image of a street with people walking and cars parked on the side of it
How Greening Our Streets Can Also Make Them More Resilient to Extreme Weather | Smart Cities Dive
How tree planting, rain gardens, swales and permeable pavements not only control pollution but also help cool urban heat islands, mitigate flooding, recharge groundwater, beautify neighborhoods and enhance nearby property values.
four diagrams showing the different stages of plant life in an urban area, including plants growing on
Giardini Pensili - Tetti verdi dwg
an aerial view of a green roof in the city
Ropemaker Place | Frosts Landscapes
an aerial view of a park with grass growing on the ground and trees in the background
Canadian Museum of Civilizations Plaza-Claude Cormier Associes | Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building